Sleep With Me | Helps You Fall Asleep Via Silly Boring Bedtime Stories
Like riding butter, a relaxing, circular trip around the Orlando Eye with a dreamy rainy day view of rooftops and mini-golf courses.
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Thanks to Q, Riker gets his peacock swagger while you saw logs. (Trek talk starts at 18:49)
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Tonight’s story is sweet and tart, like a glass of lemonade served by Wilford Brimley. (story at 19:28)
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A "Boardroom Breakdance Tour” spins into a legend led by Carol King across the night sky. (story at 19:37)
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Picard starts a family and a new life as a piper named Roy G. Biv, only part of that happens in the episode, the rest will occur in your dreams.
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Purple mountains and missing keys are the backdrop for your heroic journey to sleep. (Story starts at 18:16)
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As you sleep free and easy, Rob works hard on one of my favorite podcasts. Inspired by Rob Has a Podcast @
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You know that feeling you get when your parents come into town? (TNG @ 17:37) Worf feels that way too.
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505 Project Platypus | Superdull Stories
Mellow like a marshmallow in hot coco that’s a bit lukewarm, but somehow just right to put you to sleep.

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