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Tonight we cover the things you didn't see on "The Walking Dead" Season 4 Episode 4 "Indifference". The boring parts.

Bob's gonna give us a breakdown of the best places to get drunk during a zombie apocalypse. We have a visit from Windy Marstrap and Dewey his pet dewback. In honor of Rick and Carol being buckled up we will look at the history of seat belts. I'll share an awesome pancake recipe, that Laurie must have missed. Finally I'll ponder the variety of things you can attach a men's room key to.


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This Walking Dud we cover all the boring stuff you did not see on "The Walking Dead" Season 4 Episode 3 "Isolation". Stuff like acting for greater good staying warm at the North Pole, Virus vs Bacteria, drugs for dogs and vet school.


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Another Episode of "The Walking Dud" where we cover the boring parts you didn't see on "The Walking Dead" Season 4 Episode 2 "Infected". We will cover Michonne's fear of babies, Glenn and Maggie shaking it like a Polaroid Picture, Rick's farmer hat hides his rage, Quarantines and of course Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru...I mean Karen and David.

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On Tonight's Show "The Walking Dud" a new segment where we cover the boring parts of "The Walking Dead"

This episode covers The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1

Where we talk about-

Carol and Cheers and Designing Women

The North Pole

The Wire Road Trip

Rick and Drinking Water 

Georgia Building Codes

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Are you interested in exploring the meaning and stories behind popular music?

Do you remember the 80's and the sweet sounds of Hall and Oates?

Ready to get bored to sleep?

Then sit back and listen as I dig deep into the pop sugar of "You Make My Dreams" by Hall and Oats. I'll do my best to discover the mysteries behind the song while trying to bore you to sleep.


You can download the episode here AAC I mp3

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