Sleep With Me | Helps You Fall Asleep Via Silly Boring Bedtime Stories (sleep with tng)
Picard starts a family and a new life as a piper named Roy G. Biv, only part of that happens in the episode, the rest will occur in your dreams.
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Episode reccomened by the wonderful Lauren Spohrer from "Criminal"
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You know that feeling you get when your parents come into town? (TNG @ 17:37) Worf feels that way too.
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Tonight we get senseless and sebaceous, like astringent for sleep issues, as we talk around Jean-Luc’s trip to France.

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If you’re a fan of Dr. Beverly Crusher…check you chief medical officer’s log and get over here. (Trek talk at 20:14) Whirlpools and circles and a contradiction within a paradox will carry you off the sleep. Scoots will go for world records of delusions within one’s brain involving synapses or something. And then we will talk Trek.

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