Sleep With Me | The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep
Warning this is a real experiment as it was all recorded at airports (Ray hits the mic at 8:30). Listen to Ray's kind voice tell you a tale of a wonderful spring. Set sail as he says and see sites and feel the warm water and cool sand. Be carried off to dreamland like a manatee drifting on the seas. Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | More Subscribe Options
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The straw you draw will be the one that carry you off to dreamland. (11:56 Episode) No nail biting, no Titans and no phonics lessons, just enough to distract and let you fall asleep.   11:56 Episode 32:22 Is Drawing Straws Fair | @wikipedia 38:42 Is Nail Biting Bad for You? 51:09 Mero, Titan of Bravos and Greek Titans | List of Greek Mythological Figures 01:08:30 Phonics 01:19:30 Hot and Cold Foods in Traditional Chinese Medicine | @wikipeida 01:26:04 Tommen 01:39:47 Prayers    
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Compound words should confound the restless part of you mind. (6:49 Agatha takes the mic) While the music of the night is in the background, Agatha will take her first steps to insure they are all rescued by Cinderella. Sleep easy knowing not much will happen, there will be walking and talking and some of the backstory or exposition will be so boring even Agatha skips over it.
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Mame, Impressionists, clouds and sound will carry you off to sleep while I continue my time in Florida.
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A taste of how the real world works, but in a format so dull you won't even mind, in fact fall into deep sleep while you feel the protection of your king. What if Joff is right? Was he tricking Tommen, so tired of being played the fool. "Joff has a look on his face like I had just sat on a frog and it had exploded on his dinner" -Tommen  
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Tonight sleep like a tired maiden on the belly of a giant teddy bear (episode at 4:53). There is no need to delve deep into what I am saying as I touch on topics like Jabba and Grizzlies. Sail away on a ship of sleep knowing that my discussions of costs will only confuse. 4:53 Episode 31:49 "Do Not Go Gently Into That Dark Night" 34:04 Talissa and Yunkai 36:14 Jabba the Hutt 45:34 Ships 53:42 Grizzly Bears 01:05:12 Tommen 01:28:53 Prayers
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One day you'll be a Nana, or just a man who says ok Nana I'll portray a grandmotherly figure. (6:40 Agatha's Intro) Or maybe you will just listen to that man...pretending to be a woman, trying to be a leader of Fairy Adults who may be children, all in a way that is so strange and soothing that concentration is improbable, understanding impossible but distraction is irresistible.
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A walking tour of a man's failed Tumblrs? (kicks off at 7:25) That was his intention, but it gets strange...a mime used to impress you is just the start. Prepare yourself to sleep as if you stay awake you learn of stuff that should not be, with dancing.
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It is the night before the big trial of the boy who Pounce and Tommen are trying to save. Tommen blows my mind and then forgets. He dreams of sharing a laugh with his mother and its sad and touching. Then I pray on a week off and make references to Battlestar Galactica and frakking. GMS godhead management system, manager reporting. Oh also I ask the Maiden to dress like Madonna from "Isla Bonita"
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